08 August 2007

Cycling Mt. Evans, photos to psych your soul and temper your ego

Hi Fred,

Great to hear from you, the 25th sounds fine, pray for good weather! May I suggest that we ride it from Bergen Park, up over Squaw Pass, then a partial descent to Echo Lake (the halfway point on Mt. Evans). This route is a bit longer (four miles) and a bit harder, but has some varied terrain to break up the tempo a touch. The Squaw Pass road (CO Hwy. 103) dumps you out at the toll booth for the Mt. Evans Highway (CO Hwy 5), This is a local's approach to Evans and avoids a lot of traffic. Check out Mt. Evans at http://www.googleearth.com/ and type "Bergen Park, CO" in the search box. If you don't have Google Earth it's well worth the down load, if you already have it make sure you have the latest version, it's way better. The images of Evans on Google Earth are with snow on the summit but you can still see the whole road. Another cool resource is http://www.bicyclerace.com/ where you'll find the official site for the Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb. It's really cool with course info, photos, and history of the race.